Hanging TV on Wall Where to Put Cable Box

Hanging TV on Wall: Where to Put Cable Box

With the increasing popularity of flat-screen televisions, many homeowners are opting to hang their TVs on the wall for a sleek and modern look. However, one common dilemma that arises is where to place the cable box. In this article, we will explore different options for positioning your cable box when you choose to hang your TV on the wall.

1. Mount the cable box behind the TV:
One simple solution is to mount the cable box directly behind the TV. This can be done by using a wall mount shelf or a specialized TV mount with a built-in shelf. By placing the cable box behind the TV, you can keep all the cords hidden, providing a clean and organized appearance.

2. Use an infrared repeater system:
If you prefer to keep your cable box hidden away in a cabinet or another room while still controlling it with your remote, an infrared repeater system is a great solution. This system consists of a small device that receives the infrared signal from your remote and relays it to the cable box, even if it is out of sight. This allows you to control the cable box from the comfort of your couch without having to compromise on the aesthetics of your wall-mounted TV.

3. Conceal the cable box in a nearby cabinet:
If you have a nearby cabinet or entertainment center, you can simply place the cable box inside it. To ensure that the remote signal reaches the box, you can use a wireless remote control extender. This device allows you to control the cable box from a distance, even if it is tucked away in a closed cabinet.

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4. Install a recessed wall box:
Another option is to install a recessed wall box directly behind the TV. This box acts as a hidden compartment for the cable box, allowing you to connect all the necessary cables and wires while keeping them out of sight. This option requires some planning and installation work, but it provides a seamless and tidy solution for cable box placement.


Q: Can I place the cable box on a shelf below the wall-mounted TV?
A: Yes, you can place the cable box on a shelf below the TV if you prefer. However, this may result in visible cords running down the wall, which can be distracting to the overall appearance. Consider using cord covers or cable management systems to keep the cords organized and hidden.

Q: Can I use a wireless cable box?
A: Yes, some cable providers offer wireless cable boxes that connect to your TV without the need for physical cables. These wireless boxes can be placed anywhere in the room, eliminating the need for additional cable management solutions.

Q: What if I have multiple cable boxes?
A: If you have multiple cable boxes, you can explore options such as using a media center or installing a multi-room video distribution system. These solutions allow you to connect and control multiple cable boxes from one central location.

In conclusion, when hanging your TV on the wall, there are various options for placing your cable box. Whether you choose to mount it behind the TV, conceal it in a nearby cabinet, or use a wireless system, the key is to find a solution that meets your aesthetic preferences while ensuring easy access and functionality.

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